Farm to Fork

The Farm to Fork educational toy box contains everything a child needs to explore their creative side and learn how food grows and becomes a meal. This box will inspire their inner artist, cultivate their green thumb, and guide them to dish up a new family favorite.


Following the steps included, children ages 3-12 will decorate and plant their own herb garden, tend to the plants as they grow, and utilize their harvest in simple but tasty recipes. Along the way, they will learn about different careers that these interests can inspire and trailblazers within each field.

What's in the box:

  • Basil and Oregano Grow Kits

  • Kid's Chef Apron

  • Bamboo and Silicone Spoon

  • Kid-Sized Cutting Board

  • Watercolor Kit

  • Garden Stakes

  • Career and Recipe Cards

Farm to Fork

SKU: KK00001